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10MM Flex-Hone tool aluminum oxide 320 grit (0.394")

10MM Flex-Hone tool aluminum oxide 320 grit (0.394")
Item# BC10M320AO

Product Description

10MM Flex-Hone tool aluminum oxide 320 grit (0.394")
0.394" or 10mm Guide Hone for all engine valve guide applications utilizing a 0.393" to 0.395" or 9.8mm to 10.2mm bore.

Brand new sealed in package engine cylinder head valve guide flex-hone.

This is NOT a brush but a hone with abrasive aluminum oxide globules that will produce a controlled finish.

The hone actual size is .394". Perfect for materials types, steel, bronze, etc.

Made in USA, by the one of the best cylinder hone manufacturers, FLEX-HONE.

320 grit, EXCELLENT for valve guide refinishing on bronze guides.

Tool is self centering, self aligning

Tool can be used with 3/8" or 1/2" chuck portable drill or drill press, or other This patented Flex-Hone is the best way to create a Cross Hatch surface finish with suspended globule working abrasives.

THIS TOOL HAS THE 8" long SHAFT for cylinder head rebuilding.