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15/16" Flex-Hone tool silicon carbide 180 grit (23.8mm)

15/16"  Flex-Hone tool silicon carbide 180 grit (23.8mm)
Item# BC1516180SC

Product Description

15/16"  Flex-Hone tool silicon carbide 180 grit (23.8mm)
Brand new sealed in package engine cylinder flex-hone. Designed to work with cylinder bores from 0.920" to 0.955" or 22mm to 24.5mm. Perfect for all engine types and block materials. Made in USA by the best cylinder hone manufacturer, FLEX-HONE. 180 grit, GOOD for re-ringing jobs or final bore. Tool is labeled as 15/16" diameter but is actually slightly larger to apply the required wall force for honing a 15/16" bore Flex-Hone tool is self centering and is easy to use (email for questions) Flex-Hone tool can be used with a 3/8" or 1/2" chuck portable drill or drill press This patented Flex-Hone is the best way to create a Cross Hatch surface finish with suspended globule working abrasives. Contact us for more information as we use this hone on all of our race motors. Most of the engine hone articles reference this exact brand and type of tool. THIS TOOL HAS THE 8" LONG SHAFT for engine rebuilding.